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Editorial Comments       (2010-11-09)
Editorial Comment John. K It was exactly five years ago when Dr. Ralph Winter and several leaders from the USCWM came to Korea

파라과이, 인디언교회 청소년 수련회       (2010-09-20)
많은 물소리 같은 주님의 음성으로 인하여 오늘도 사역의 길을 걸을 수 있는 것에 감사와 찬송을 드리며 주의 사랑으로 하나 된 후원자님께 문안드립니다. 마지막 때가 온 듯 세계 방방곡곡에서 여러 가지 어려운 소식들을 듣고 있지만 하나님 나라의 영광을 위해 살아가는 저희들로서는 주님이 속히 오실 수 있기에 감 ...

How to build His Kingdom ?       (2010-07-17)
Here, I’d like to propose that we start taking more seriously how we deliver than teaching the right content. It is not what the nationals or young believers learn from us, but rather how they learn that’s going to impact their culture and society in the long run. Modern day evangelical worker ...

Beyond Christianity-Insider Movements: The Place of the Bible and the Body of Christ in New Movements to Jesus   Kevin Higgins    (2010-07-17)
{img2} At Tokyo 2010 I was asked to present a paper concerning what I, and others, see God doing to draw people to Himself at or beyond the edges of what most of us would associate with Christianity. More specifically, some mission thinkers and practitioners, including myself, have experienced ...

Catalyzing “Insider Movements” Among the Unreached   David S. Lim    (2010-07-17)
In spite the Church Growth phenomena (esp. the mega-church kind) and talks about Church Multiplication and Church Planting Movements (CPM), there seems to have been no significant impact on the major religious affinity blocks, especially the Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Communist and Orality worlds,1 pe ...

Editorial Comment…   Are you ready to go through paradigm shifts in mission ?    (2010-07-17)
Paul Hiebert says, “paradigm shifts are like rebuilding a house using parts and pieces of the old, but with a radically new way of ordering the fundamental configuration.” (“Transforming worldviews”, Baker Academic, 2008, p. 317.) We are living in a rapidly and radically changing post-mod ...

BIBLICAL MINISTRY OR MY MINISTRY?   An advice to the trainees from an alumnus of the first batch of AFMI Training Institute    (2010-07-17)
An advice to the trainees from an alumnus of the first batch of AFMI Training Institute Kangjin Ha+ The AFMI training that I joined in the later part of 2008 was so precious opportunity to ...

INTRODUCTION Our commitment to lifelong learning assumes commitment to asking questions and discovering answers that we sometimes don’t expect. This commitment is the most useful thing because the world we live in is in constant change, requiring us to continually learn and unlearn. Creativi ...

To the Co-harvesters   Dear co-harvesters,    (2010-07-17)
David S. Lim Dear co-harvesters, A BLESSED NEW DECADE to you! May this new start find you in the best of health, physically and spiritually, even as we seek to do our part to accelerate God’s harvest in this big, fast-paced world! We are actually entering the 2nd decade of the ...

AFMI Training School : 7 Sep—3 Oct 2009       (2010-07-17)
A small modification was made for the training this year in terms of the contents and the length. Last year 12 Asians (Korea, Philippines, Indonesia) finished the first 40 days lecture module led by Chong K.(BB), Kevin H.(GT), John K.(INS), Mimi(WBT), Bill(Philip), and Gary W.(GT) and then some of t ...

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