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바레인 왕국 계엄령 선포(미, 공문서)   미국인을 위한 공문서    (2011-04-04)
어제는 바레인 왕이 앞으로 3개월동안 바레인 왕국에 계엄령이 내리졌습니다(80년대 광주 사건처럼). 이것은 미국인을 위한 미국 대사관에서 보내온 편지 입니다. 사우디에서 000 Demonstration Notice April 2 to April 9 The U.S. Embassy recommends the security procedures outlined below for the week o ...

HOW TO BUILD A PARTNERSHIP   The Partnership Process: E – F – O    (2011-03-10)
The Partnership Process: E – F – O Having seen many partnerships among ministries emerge as long-term, effective strategies (along with a few significant failures along the way!), it is clear that durable partnerships usually go through several phases. Whether you have a vision ...

{img4} Decades of field experience have revealed certain key principles that power virtually all effective partnerships. Build your ministry partnership with these principles, and the likelihood of success is very high. Ignore them, and the likelihood of failure is equally high! Here’s a qu ...

EFFECTIVE TRAINING FOR CHURCH PLANTERS!   Free Church Planting Handbook - We willz    (2011-03-10)
CAPE TOWN 2010 OFFERFree Church Planting Handbook - We willz email you the 300-page The New Dynamic Church Planting Handbook in English! To receive your free e-book and to invite DCPI to train your church planters, contact now and mention Lausanne! The most effective Chur ...

World Evangelization In The 21st Century   Dr. Paul Eshleman    (2011-03-10)
LAUSANNE STRATEGY WORKING GROUPBRIEFING PAPER: CAPE TOWN 2010 -- DAY 4“WORLD EVANGELIZATION IN THE 21ST CENTURY”Prioritizing the Essential Elements of the Great CommissionDr. Paul EshlemanOctober 22, 2010 I. THE BACKGROUND {img3}     Throughout the world today, pastors, mission ...

How to build His Kingdom?   Integrated Kingdom Ministry    (2011-02-14)
Here, I‘d like to propose that we start taking more seriously how we deliver than teaching the right content. It is not what the nationals or young believers learn from us, but rather how they learn that‘s going to impact their culture and society in the long run. Modern day evangelical workers ...

Filipino Insider Missions in the Buddhist World   David S. Lim    (2011-02-14)
{img2} What constitutes Filipino mis-sions to reach the one bil-lion Buddhists in the world today? This article will show that tentmakers (Christians who evangelize and make disciples cross-culturally) are most effective in doing frontier mis-sions, especially if they are trained in catalyzing \&qu ...

Ask! Search! and Knock!   A practical approach to a closed cousin village / Harun Kim    (2011-02-14)
{img2} INTRODUCTION \"Hey, it’s here, don’t you see it? It’s right in front of you.” Have you ever heard that sound of discontent from your wife? I do hear it fre-quently. Sure, I couldn‘t find the object that I wanted, but (‗out of the blue‘) my wife always found it. Does she ha ...

The Kingdom of God and the Mission of God: Part Two   (Continued from the front page)    (2011-02-14)
STAGES IN THE DE-VELOPMENT OF GOD’S KINGDOM Unlike most earthly king-doms, the Kingdom of God has stages of development. It was prefigured in the Kingdom of Israel and was foretold by the prophets as its ideal successor. God inaugurated the Kingdom by sending the Savior-King himself, Jesus Ch ...

Editorial Comments…   John Kim    (2011-02-14)
{img2} The second annual conference of AFMI-ASFM was held on October 2010. Around 100 participants who attended the confer-ence mostly came from mission leaders, reflective field practitioners, theologians, and missiologists. Cutting edge thinking and sharing on an international level was mad ...

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