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라틴 아메리카 부흥 소고       (2011-01-17)
패트릭 존스톤(Patrick Johnston)의 세계 기도 정보(Operation World) 에 따르면 “1960년에 네팔에는 공식적으로 기독교인이 존재하지 않는 것으로 보고 되었으나 지금은 네팔의 75지역(districts)에 5십만에 달하는 기독교인이 있는 것”으로 보고 되었습니다. 비전 2020은 보고하기를 “주후 100년에는 진실된 기독교인 ...

AFMI Training       (2010-11-15)

Global Cooperation as Hospitality   Drawing from Henry Nouwen\'s Concept of Hospitality    (2010-11-15)

Identity, Discipling Women, and Diversity:   Highlights from the Second Coming to Faith Consultation    (2010-11-15)
{img2} One of the major themes of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is centered on the phrase “in Christ.” To list a few of Paul’s expressions, we are blessed, chosen, and included in Christ. We hope in Christ and are

Global Cooperation - Reassessing the Frontiers in 2010   A review from the ISFM and IJFM    (2010-11-15)
{img2} 2010 is a year of global mission review. World level gatherings in centennial celebration of the 1910 Edinburgh World Missionary Conference are happening from Capetown to Tokyo. Mission leaders are st

God’s Truth, Christianity, and Other Religions   :Towards a Broader Understanding of Christian Conversion and Discipleship    (2010-11-12)
{img2} Introduction What does it mean to “convert” from one thing to another? I myself have “converted” many times in my life: from an old computer with a Windows XP operating system to a new computer using W

Embryonic Eklesia as Missional Organic System       (2010-11-12)
{img2} When my son was born, his small body fit within the palm of my hand. He had no idea that within him was the skeletal structure and all the essential DNA needed for him to become a thriving reproducing adult. N

The Case of The Condemned Cat   How the gospel moves in a hostile religious community    (2010-11-12)
{img2} Background Gerazistan has 26 million people, and is divided into four ethnic/political groups: Nawese, Tribals, Channai and Gerazis. The 10% Christians are primarily a

Diverse Voices: Hearing Scripture Speak In A Multicultural Movement       (2010-11-12)
{img2} This paper will explore the unique potential of \"relevance theory\" in illuminating some of the hermeneutical dynamics encountered as a multi-lingual community of Muslim followers of Isa wrestle with

The Kingdom of God and the Mission of God: Part One       (2010-11-09)
{img2} The theologian John Bright wrote that if the Bible were to be given a title, it should be “The Book of the Coming Kingdom of God,” because “that is, indeed, its central theme everywhere.”[1] The Gospels record that our Lord “Je

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