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 작성자    첨부파일    
 자료구분  선교정보기타  작성일  2005-01-20
 제목  캄보디아 캄퐁솜소식
 주제어키워드    국가  캄보디아
 자료출처    성경본문  
 조회수  4439  추천수  22
그 동안도 주님의 은혜가운데 평안하셨겠지요?

저희는 이곳에서 유치원 개원 준비에 여념이 없습니다.

3월 2째주 쯤에 오픈 할 계획입니다.

위하여 기도하여 주시기를 바랍니다. 최근에 2,3일

간격으로 저희 신학교에 도둑이 들엇습니다. 저희들의

안전을 위하여 기도하여 주십시오. 그리고 바이블 학교

부지에 설계도를 준비해야 할 것 같은데 도움을 주실 분이

잇으신지 찾아봐 주실 수 잇겠는지요?

그동안 주-욱 부지주변을 가다듬는 일을 했습니다만. 이제

설계도를 그리고 기숙사가 들어 설수 있도록 기도해


다음은 감옥에 잇는 삼밧에게서 온 편지입니다. 같이

기도하여 주십시오.

주님은 평안이 함께하시기를 기도합니다.

Dear Rev and Mrs Moses Hahn,

Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. How are

you? I’m very thankful to God that I’ve got the

permission to stay outside the room in every

afternoon. I’ve conducted English and Bible classes

with around twenty students. Beside that I’ve visited

from one room to another to share gospel with them.

Therefore, please, do pray for the salvation and

changing of these prisoner’s lives.

I would like to share the prayer items, which means

our needs in daily living because there are many poor

prisoners who are not able to get learning materials

as well as food. Please do pray also for the justice.

Especially pray for a brother named Sophanara for whom

I’ve written to Human Right Org. to appeal for help

to find a lawyer who is able to release him because

he’s been put in here about a year without any


We need some more Bibles, Hymn Books, Bible story

books, tracts, Chinese Bible and some study materials,

food and medicines etc… .

So, please, pray for us and share to those who are

interested in this prison ministry. Please help to

find some study materials such as Church History,

Greek… for myself. And Pray also for my family’s

salvation and also my case as well as the work in this


I really appreciate your help and thanks for your

prayers. May the grace of the Lord be with all of you.

May the glory be unto His name.

His unworthy Servant,






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