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 작성자  관리자  첨부파일    
 자료구분  스트롱코드사전(헬)  작성일  2007-02-06
 제목  [5019] tarsov"
 주제어  다소(소아시아의 도시)
 자료출처  KCM  성경본문  
 내용 발음 : 탈소스 Tarsos {tar-sos'}
어근 : 평평한 바구니 번과 동일함
어의 : 다소(소아시아의 도시)
문법 : 위치격 고유명사

perhaps the same as tarsos (a flat basket);

AV - Tarsus 3; 3

Tarsus = "a flat basket"
1) a major city in Cilicia and the birthplace and early home of Paul. Acts 9:11; 21:39; 22:3. Even in the flourishing period of Greek history it was an important city. In the Roman civil wars, it sided with Caesar and on the occasion of a visit from him its name changed to Juliopolis. Augustus made it a free city. Its was renowned as a place of education under the early Roman emperors. Strabo compares it in this respect to Athens and Alexandria. Tarsus also was a place of much commerce. It was situated in a wild and fertile plain on the banks of the Cydnus. No ruins of any importance remain.



kcm  1141970
교회  587852
선교  535791
설교  510767
예수  503780
아시아  420866
세계  392588
선교회  372348
사랑  366209
바울  363683



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